When you become a member of Sarvvayapi Nidhi Limited, you are allotted 10 shares of Rs. 10 each only. But this gives you a right to participate in the management process of the organization through the A.G.M. you can otherwise also post your suggestion for improving the functioning of the Company. 

A. Eligibility to Become Member:

  1. Only individuals are eligible to become the members.
  2. He must have 18 years or above age.
  3. He must be the citizen of India.
  4. The applicant shall not be a body corporate or trust.

B. Procedure for becoming the member:

  1. The applicant must approach the Sarvvayapi  Nidhi limited by showing his or her  interest of becoming a Member of the company.
  2. The applicant may email us through our Contact Us section or any other mode convenient to him.
  3. The applicant can download the membership form from the download section of the website.
  4. The applicant must send the signed and completely filled membership form along with the self attested KYC through courier or speed post at the registered office address of the company.
  5. After receiving the application from the interested applicant and going through all the KYC documents attached with the application and subject to the realization of the membership fees.The Board of Directors may award the membership of the company.
  6. The decision of Board of Directors shall be final and no explanation as whatsoever shall be provided as regard to its decision.
  7. After the award of the membership , The company shall issue the share certificate, comprising of minimum  10 shares,  alongwith the welcome letter to the member.
  8. All the disputes are subject to the Amritsar Jurisdiction only.

C. Benefits of becoming the member:

  1. A member can open saving/ recurring/ Fixed Deposit accounts with the company.
  2. A member can avail the loan facility against its deposits or against  other assets like Gold or Property.